Make Your Own Pumpkin Patch

1.       Orange fabric
2.       Scissors
3.       A small bowl
4.       Pen or a pencil
5.       Needle
6.       Thread or dental floss
7.       A plastic bag
8.       A small stick
9.       (Optional) A green pipe cleaner

First, layout your orange fabric and place the bowl face down on the fabric. Use your pen to trace the outline of the bowl.

Second, cut out the circle.

Third, use a needle and thread or dental floss to stitch around the circle. Don’t stitch right on the edge; try to give yourself a little space – half an inch will do.  Do not tie the string when finished. Simply, let the ends hang loose.

Fourth, pull the string ends to make a small ball. Then, place a plastic bag inside and put the stick in the center of the opening. Tighten the strings until the stick is standing upright and secure with a knot.

Finally, to complete your pumpkin, wrap a green pipe cleaner around the stem and form a leaf.

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