Write for Us

DevoKids welcomes submissions from Christian writers with a heart to reach the next generation. If you have a story to share, DevoKids is the place to submit it. Read the submission guidelines for adult and children writers and write for us.

Adult Submissions to DevoKids

Please send your 75-250 word submission to DevoKids as an attached Word document. All images must be sent as separate attachments. Submit photos that you’ve taken with your submissions if available. (Please do not embed images on Word documents.) Our audience is 6–12 year-old children. Write in language children can understand. Include headshot and 50-word bio if you want it included in the post. SUBMISSIONS should be sent to: WritersCoach.us@gmail.com.

Here’s what we need:

1) Devotions–include Bible reference. (See guidelines for Kids below.) These post on Mondays.

2) Creative Corner–We need kid-friendly posts related to crafts, puzzles, coloring pages, games, fun activities, art, and photography. Share an easy and fun recipe for children. These post on Wednesdays.

3) God’s Creation–We’d love fun stories and articles about kids, nature, or animals. These post on the first Friday of the month.

4) Hey, Kids–We’d love fun stories or articles about kids, jobs, saving money, etc. that will inspire children. Check out articles already published in this category for other ideas. These post on the second Friday of the month.

5) National Parks/Monuments–Have you visited one of our national parks with your family? We’d love articles about fun nature vacation spots–along with 3-4 photos! If you are inspired by the beauty/history of a particular national park–even if you haven’t been there–we’d love to hear from you. These articles post on the third Friday of the month.

6) Adventures in History–Do you love American history as much as I do? Have you discovered an unusual fact about our history? Do you live a few miles from where historic events happened? We’d love to read your articles. These articles post on the fourth Friday of the month.

Pitch your ideas to: WritersCoach.us@gmail.com

Upon acceptance you will hear from Sandra Merville Hart, Executive Editor.

All submissions are subject to editing/revisions. DevoKids is a non-paying online publication. You retain rights to your submissions.

Submission Guidelines for Kids at DevoKids

Submit to: WritersCoach.us@gmail.com


  • Jazz:  75 – 200 words
  • Razz:  12 pt. font Times New Roman
  • Pizazz: Keep readers’ attention with dialogue, vivacious verbs, and proper nouns.
  • Buzz:  Write about yourself in 2 – 3 sentences.  This is an author’s bio.


Base your devotion on one Bible text.


  • Choose a recipe you can prepare.
  • Photograph each step as you cook, showing your hands, not your face.
  • Type the recipe on the computer.
  • Send the recipe and digital pictures together.
  • We’ll contact you if we post your recipe.

Money Stories

How do you earn money?  Share your stories with DevoKids.  We may feature your story. We’re looking for stories that illustrate investing, saving, tithing, or philanthropic efforts.  (That means helping others with money.)

Do you have a business?  We want to know and we’d love a photo.

Spending and Saving: Let’s hear how you use your money.


We love non-fiction nature or animal stories.

National Parks

Did your family go to a national park on vacation? Tell us about it. If you took photos of the park, include 3-4 of them as an attachment on your email.