Who-What Are You Looking at Now?

Who-What Are You Looking at Now?

Who-What are you thinking about and looking at now? Keep your eyes and your mind on JESUS!
“The Lord Who rescued me from the paw of the lion and the paw of the bear will rescue me from the hand of this Philistine.” (1 Samuel 17:37)

Have you read or heard the Bible story of David (shepherd boy) and Goliath (9-foot giant)? Read this thrilling story in 1 Samuel 17!

David knew about God’s strength, love, and protection. Caring for wayward, needy, hungry, hurt, and lost sheep was no small task. There were dangers by dark, cold, sleepless nights; wild animals looking for a fat, tasty ‘lamb’ chop.

One day, David’s dad gives him a sheep break, then he sent him on a ‘pizza’ (cheese and bread) delivery to his big brothers who are fighting a battle. Well, David finds them fearing-shaking in their sandals as a giant taunts, bullies, and threatens the army of Israel! Today is not the 1st day for this. Have you, your friends, family, or classmates had to face a threatening, fear-filled, dangerous situation day after day after day…then more days?

Like Israel, we have our own ‘goliaths’. It’s just a repeat performance! With David and His GOD, it’s about to be a ‘new’ day!

David clears his throat, stands tall, and makes a bold announcement, “I will go out to fight, and my GOD will rescue me.”

Though criticized, belittled, and laughed at, David goes in the strength of The true and living GOD to meet the challenge! He goes with praise in his mouth for his GOD! He goes with victory in his heart, on his mind! He goes on to remember how GOD gave him the strength to defend his sheep from a lion and a bear. This he recalls, igniting his hope in his GOD!

Read the entire story, then send us your responses or comments.

David was not focused on how big, strong “Goliath” might have been…neither shall we! He already knew how strong, big, powerful, wise, and mighty HIS GOD was-so do we! No need to focus on; give voice, eyes, ears, and time to our “goliaths”-rather keep our hearts, eyes, ears, and mouths on The greater One-The greatest of them all…GOD ALMIGHTY and JESUS His risen Son!

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Penelope White

Penelope Allen White is a wife, mother of two young adult sons, and grandmother. Her passion is for all children and people to have an intimate knowledge of God. She works as a Christian educator, speaker, church school curriculum writer and teacher, workshop facilitator, middle school counselor, and neighborhood tutor. Despite her busy schedule, she still finds time to enjoy a game of hopscotch!

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