Where’s The Wheels?

Where’s The Wheels?

The Lord is fighting for them…
Exodus 14:25

“Go, Go!” Moses said to the children of Israel as he led them to step into the Red Sea. Moses raised his shepherd’s staff, and God rolled back the water. The sea became tall water-walls on both sides with a path in the middle, and the people walked across.

Hmm…their feet got dusty instead of muddy…how did that happen? God sent a strong wind to blow on the path, and it became dry from one side of the sea to the other shore.

As they reached the other side, they saw hundreds of chariots coming after them. They were terrified.

Ziggedy-Zag. The Egyptian chariots wobbled back and forth as a wheel came off, then another one. The warriors from Egypt were frightened, because they knew God was fighting against them.

Then, God let the water-walls fall down and bubble over the Egyptian army, drowning them. Israel was safe. Now they could head toward Canaan.

God took care of the Israelites when they were in trouble. He can take care of you. When you are afraid, ask God to help you get across your sea of trouble and keep you safe.

A freelance writer, Phyllis Qualls Freeman has five grandchildren. She loves to tell them about God’s love.

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