What Do You Know About The…

Giant Panda?


Stay tuned to find out everything you need to know about this black and white bear—the Giant Panda.

  1. A Giant Panda is very shy and big. It is found in only one country in the world – China.
  2. Do you like playing at the beach? The Giant Panda doesn’t. In fact, the Giant Panda prefers the cold and lives in the mountains of China, where the temperature can be as low as 19 degrees.
  3. Did your mother hold you a lot when you were a baby? So does the Giant Panda. For the first three weeks, a Giant Panda mommy holds her baby with her forepaws.
  4. Giant Pandas eat mostly bamboo. Sometimes they eat small rodents, especially mice, reptiles, lizards, and insects. They even eat cockroaches.
  5. Did you know that Giant Pandas are fully grown by the time they are three years old? By this time, most Giant Pandas are completely independent and on their own.

The Giant Panda is a beautiful and interesting bear. It’s fun to learn about different, exotic animals!


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