We Can Soar With Christ

We Can Soar With Christ

“My mommy says I can do anything.” The young eight-year-old girl said as she climbed up and into the aircraft with authority. She fixed the seat belt around her and looked forward, seeing only the yoke. “I can’t see!” she pouted.

“Here this will help.” Jenna held her up and slid a seat extension under her.

Lena sat down and a big smile covered her face. “Much better,” she said. “I’m ready.”

“Let’s get this plane in the air, Lena.” Jenna gave instructions to all the girls at Aviation Boot Camp. “I like your confidence, Lena.”

Jenna smiled as she lifted the plane off the ground and started the downwind leg of the flight. “I like your confidence too, Miss Jenna.”

“Since you can’t touch the rudder pedals, I’ll do that part. Why don’t you take the yoke and steer the plane?”

Lena carefully grasped the yoke and listened for instructions.

“Do you see the horizon?” Jenna asked. “I want you to keep the plane level to that. Show me you can do that.”

“I’m doing it! I’m doing it.” Lena said with excitement.

Jenna nodded her head in approval.

“Philippians 4:13 says, ‘I can do all things…’” Lena paused as she tried to remember. “’…through Christ who strengthens me.’”

The plane remained on a straight and level course.

“Wow, you are confident,” Jenna said.

“Do you know Him, too?” Lena asked with a wide smile.

“Yes, I do! I can do all things through Christ too!” Jenna beamed.

“How did you get so smart?” Jenna asked.

“My mommy tells me all about Jesus and what He did for me and keeps doing for me.”

“You’ve got a great start in a life with Christ, and flying planes!”

They exchanged glances and smiles.

Tater, a class clown boy of fifteen, sat in the waiting area. His lunch was doing flip-flops as he looked for the incoming plane. He was frightened. How would he laugh his way out of this one?

Lori LayneLori Layne is a pilot and author. She is a missionary pilot for Pilots for Christ in Michigan. She is married with six adult children and fifteen grandchildren. She lives in west Michigan with her husband, Tim, and German Shepherd, named Shadow. She loves to express herself and the grace of God in her writing.

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