The Golden Calf

The Golden Calf

Mrs. Moses Diary

“Then the Lord said to Moses, “Go down at once, for your people, whom you brought up from the land of Egypt, have corrupted themselves.” Exodus 32:7 (AMP)

by Bonnie Beardsley

Dear Diary,

When Moses told me the LORD sent him down the mountain because the people have corrupted themselves, all I could think of is a little child covered completely in mud. Moses was so upset when he saw what was going on, he threw the tablets God had given him on the ground at the foot of the mountain. The tablets broke.

He took Aaron aside to find out what happened. Why had he sinned so greatly against God?

Moses had been on the mountain forty days. The people believed he died. Aaron blamed Moses because he was away so long. Aaron explained that the Israelites asked him to make gods to lead them. So Aaron asked them to give him their jewelry. He threw it into the fire and out came the gold calf.

Moses threw the calf back into the fire and ground it into a powder. He then sprinkled the gold into the water and made them drink it.

He told the people they had committed a great sin. They had turned their back on the LORD God.

Moses went back up the mountain to ask God to forgive the people. The Israelites didn’t die but were really sick for a couple of days.

About Bonnie Beardsley

Bonnie Beardsley is a wife and mother of two boys. Her boys are grown and live on their own, but their dogs are still with her. Before the boys were born she wrote puppet skits for her church’s kids’ church. She is in the middle of writing her first book. Visit her at

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