Queen Esther Fallen Phrases Puzzle

Queen Esther Fallen Phrases Puzzle

Queen Esther was a very beautiful woman. In fact, she won a beauty contest and was chosen to be the “fairest in the land.” In fact, she won more than a crown and ribbon in this contest, she became queen!

But being queen is harder than riding around and waving to everyone. Queen Esther’s people had enemies in her country and one was very powerful. He was so powerful, he tried to kill her uncle. But Esther trusted in God and when she told the king about the evil plot, he allowed her to pass a law that let them fight back. Because of Queen Esther’s faith and courage, her people were saved.

The puzzle below holds a phrase that helped Queen Esther have the courage to confront the king. See if you can figure it out. It’s a fallen phrase puzzle. A fallen phrase puzzle shows the spaces for a statement or phrase. The letters are directly below the column in which they will fit, but jumbled within the column. (The answer is below the picture of a queen.)

Esther fallen words puzzle 
Below is the answer to last week’s Daniel in the Lion’s Den puzzle. Click on it to see a larger image. Did you find the secret message? It came from Daniel 6:22.

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