Made to Fly

Made to Fly

“God said, “Let the seas be filled with living things. Let birds fly above the earth across the huge space of the sky.” Genesis 1:20 NIrV

Do you ever wake up to birds singing as they fly by your window in the morning? Robins are among the most common birds we see soaring in the sky. Sometimes, we can even hear them before the sun wakes up, so they can be a great alarm clock!

Did you know that Robins don’t know how to fly when they are hatched? Learning to fly takes time and practice. After they are born into a nest, they must grow big and strong enough before leaving it. When they are ready to spread their wings and start flapping, they take flight. The moment a bird flies across the sky, it does what God created it to do.

God created birds to fly and made you for something special, too! Figuring out the thing God created you to do will probably take some time. As you grow and learn, you can ask God to show you the special things He made you to do. When you learn what that is and begin to practice it, you will be soaring like a bird, doing what God created you to do.

Brandie J. Muncaster Brandie J. Muncaster is an award-winning author and speaker. Her most notable work is a children’s book called Garden Tales: A Seed’s Story. Brandie is the founder of The Write Place and President of the Charlotte Word Weavers chapter.



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