Let Me Help You With That!

Let Me Help You With That!

Mark 15:21 states, “A certain man from Cyrene, Simon, the father of Alexander and Rufus, was passing by on his way in from the country, and they forced him to carry the cross.”

Do you know the feeling of being overwhelmed, struggling to carry a heavy load, and feeling so exhausted that you start to stumble? Then suddenly, someone stronger comes along and reaches out to lift you or your burden.

That simple yet incredibly significant act saves you, brings relief, and helps you in ways for which you cannot express enough gratitude.

Take a moment to look around and consider small acts of service that God may be guiding you to do this summer. Think about things like organizing, cleaning, helping others, or even running errands. Write down some “SMART” goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely) for the tasks you believe God has chosen for you to complete.


Thank you, Lord, my Strength, for carrying all my burdens, sins, sickness, worries, and concerns. I desire to be Your hands, feet, eyes, ears, heart, and strength to help others. As You reveal to me whom to help, how to help, and when to help, I will do so promptly and willingly, with a joyful heart. I perform these acts in Your name and for Your glory.

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Penelope White

Penelope Allen White is a wife, mother of two young adult sons, and grandmother. Her passion is for all children and people to have an intimate knowledge of God. She works as a Christian educator, speaker, church school curriculum writer and teacher, workshop facilitator, middle school counselor, and neighborhood tutor. Despite her busy schedule, she still finds time to enjoy a game of hopscotch!

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