Growing Strong and Beautiful

Growing Strong and Beautiful

“I will always guide you. I will satisfy your needs in a land baked by the sun. I will make you stronger. You will be like a garden that has plenty of water.” Isaiah 58:11 NIrV

Have you ever seen a sunflower? Maybe you’ve seen a picture of one. Did you know sunflowers can grow very tall—even taller than you?

When a gardener grows a sunflower, he plants a sunflower seed in the ground at the right time of year to get the sunshine and water it needs to become strong and beautiful. Once the seed is planted, it wakes up and sprouts from the earth. The gardener takes good care of the plant as it buds and gets larger. As soon as it finishes growing, the flower gently opens its petals and shows the world its fantastic design and magnificent colors.

Like a gardener, God takes good care of us every day. He gives us food to help us grow strong and water to drink when we are thirsty. God helps our bodies grow, but you can grow in other ways, too. When you read the Bible and pray, you can grow to know God and love Him more. That way, you can be strong and beautiful inside and out!


Brandie J. Muncaster Brandie J. Muncaster is an award-winning author and speaker. Her most notable work is a children’s book called Garden Tales: A Seed’s Story. Brandie is the founder of The Write Place and President of the Charlotte Word Weavers chapter.

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