God’s Peace

God’s Peace

“Let everything that lives sing 🎤🙌🏾 praises 🎼 to The LORD”. (Psalm 150:6)

🙌🏾Has GOD awakened you to the cheerful chirping of our feathered friends? Though I do not ‘speak or sing’ the birds’ language, I know it’s delightful, inspiring, and thrilling. Their songs encourage me to sing my own-loudly, joyfully, continually especially knowing my KING JESUS is alive!

🙌🏾Now that we have more daylight, a new season, warmer weather everything seems to be bursting forth with new life! Of course, we see and appreciate God’s handiwork budding, blooming, blossoming all around. Such vibrant colors, fresh, sweet fragrances, showers of rain everywhere! All that is alive seems to be praising and thanking The One Who made them. Let’s join this singing, praising, and thanking!

🙌🏾 Tiny birds praise with BIG sounds, certainly people can follow their example!

📖Read Psalm 148 aloud as you hear the many people, animals, things that are invited, commanded to praise The Creator God!

🙌🏾Join us as you make or draw your own list of who/what we witness praising The LORD for the next 10 days! We look forward to reading yours!


✝️Dear LORD-You are excellent in all You are and do!

Thank You for this season, it’s beauty, wonder and new life. We join all of Your creation-at Your Word-“all that is alive-offer praise, thanks, adoration and worship to YOU”! Amen! 

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Penelope White

Penelope Allen White is a wife, mother of two young adult sons, and grandmother. Her passion is for all children and people to have an intimate knowledge of God. She works as a Christian educator, speaker, church school curriculum writer and teacher, workshop facilitator, middle school counselor, and neighborhood tutor. Despite her busy schedule, she still finds time to enjoy a game of hopscotch!

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  1. G. Allen
    Apr 19, 2024

    We are breathing…so we are praising The One Who gave us Hus breathe! Thanks GOD! I❤️U

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