God Will Use It

by Jan Cline

When they had all had enough to eat, he said to his disciples, “Gather the pieces that are left over.”
John 6:12 NIV

A little boy stood on the shore of a great lake. He waved to a boat sailing across the water.

“Goodbye, Master!” he called as the ship moved out of view. “And thanks be to Jehovah!”

The boy turned to count his baskets again, just as he did several times in the last few hours. Each time he tallied up the fishes and pieces of bread, his heart filled with joy. How could a poor boy such as he receive blessing in this way?

He had watched the Master turn his lunch into a feast for thousands. What a miracle! Then he received a share of the leftovers. How wonderful!

“How happy I am to have shared my lunch!”

The boy tugged on the cart handle. He could barely pull the load of baskets himself, but the excitement of the day made him feel strong. He couldn’t wait to see his mother’s face when she realized they’d have plenty of food for many days. He gained the strength to keep going.

When we offer what we have to God, we never know how He might use it. Even when we think we don’t have much to bring to Him, God can make it something big. We can be a part of a miracle!

Jan Cline is a freelance writer and speaker from Spokane, Washington. She is also the director of the Inland NW Christian Writer’s Conference. Jan enjoys golf, singing and spending time with her seven grandchildren.

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