Count on Him!

by Meyana

For nothing is impossible with God.
Luke 1:37, NIV

Even when things seem impossible, it doesn’t mean they are. Like David and Goliath,Daniel and the Lions Den, or even Samuel.
Have you ever felt alone or like a lost sheep?
Nothing is impossible for God. He will save you from the darkness no matter how far you are. People are rooted to the ground, but God is as free as air. He is everywhere at every time. You can count on Him to be there for you.

Dear God,
We know nothing is impossible for You or with You. We know You can take us out of the darkness. Please bring brightness to our lives. Amen!

Meyana is 10-years-old and was adopted as a baby from China. She was healed from major vision disabilities at age eight after two surgeries and a lot of vision therapy. Praise the Lord! Meyana writes kids’ devotions, poetry and stories about life. She’s also an accomplished violist and enjoys performing for important causes. She enjoys reading, learning, and wants to be a doctor some day. She hopes you will enjoy her writings and that it will give God glory.

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