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Ignite your creative spirit with DevoFest! This powerful three-day conference, June 17,18,19, 2011,  will encourage youth ages 7-17 to discover and develop their interest and talents in film, music and print. Workshops include: novel writing, graphic-novel creation, acting, film production, script-writing, story telling, the production of musical videos, creative cooking, drama, science exploration, and suspense-filled adventure walks where we’ll explore the scary and fun facts about nature. (Bring your bear whistle!)
Held on the grounds of the LifeWay Ridgecrest Conference Center, nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this sprawling 1,300 acre campus offers hiking trails, scenic brooks and ample opportunities to spend time with God in His Creation. Nature walks, laser tag, science experiments, cooking “clashes” and skits are just a few of the activities included in the curriculum. Saturday evening we’ll enjoy a late night marshmallow melt, along with FunFight Night where EVERYONE gets messy.
Beginning Friday afternoon, teen, tweens, middle-graders and younger will mingle with and learn from professional actors, top-selling recording artists and best-selling authors in an intimate classroom setting. Parents will learn the importance of teaching and encouraging their children to create within a Christian World View.
DevoFest has a program fee of only $85 per student, which includes all sessions and breaks. A meal package is also available for on-campus dining covering all meals from Friday evening, through Sunday lunch. Convenient, on-campus lodging is available at Ridgecrest. Deluxe Room Rate: $90 per night, per room and kids stay free when accompanied by an adult.

As part of our writers’ contest, one lucky youth will receive a book contract!
Light the fuse that will ignite your passion and change the world for Christ! Join us June 17-19, 2011 as we rock the mountain… and the world!
$85 for three nights and two days of creative fun! Space limited.
For reservations call: 800-588-7222
Ridgecrest Conference Center
PO Box 128
Ridgecrest, NC 28770
Register online! |
For more information call: 423 384 4821 or email Cindy at:

Personality Checklist

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Dr. John Trent

Used with permission

Are you a lion?

Dr. John Trent

Are you an

Dr. John Trent

Are you a golden

Dr. John Trent

Are you a beaver?

Dr. John Trent

Bee Friends
by John Trent, Ph.D.

Did you know that in a story called, The Treasure Tree
that I wrote, four “best friends” have the same birthday! And guess
what? These “Birthday Best Friends” are a Lion (named Lance) an
Otter (named Giggles) a Golden Retriever (named Honey) and a Beaver (named Chewy!).
At their birthday party, the four friends are given a map by wise old Owl that
points the way to a treasure! It’s a place where they can find the yummiest,
most delicious chocolate ever – chocolate that actually grows on The Treasure
Tree! But before they can get to the chocolate, they’ll have to use their
God-given strengths as they face four different adventures!

Over the next four months you’ll learn more about these
four friends, about the adventures they took, and about the special and wonderful
strengths they each have. And along the way, you’ll find out more about
your own strengths as well!

As we start this adventure, one way you can begin to “see”
your strengths is to take a little quiz from The Treasure
Tree. Here it is! (Used with permission of the author, of course!). You might
want to print this short quiz off and have your mom or dad help you fill it
out. In fact, get mom and dad to take the quiz as well! It’s fun to see
what “strengths” God has given each of you in your family. Remember,
we all have lots of strengths, but see if you’re most like Lance, Giggles,
Honey or Chewy! Lord bless and get ready for the first of four adventures –
to help you better understand your strengths and highly value each person in
your home – starting next month!

Dr. John Trent
Author of The Treasure Tree and The Blessing
(Both books are available at Dr. Trent’s website,

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