ADVENT In Action Week Three

ADVENT In Action Week Three

On bended knee more, more and MORE…“On coming to the house, they [wise men] saw the child with his mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped him. Then they opened their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.”

We learned the discipline of bowing in week 2! JESUS is The King of all kings! Let’s continue this practice of bowing at least three times a day to thank, praise, and worship GOD as we consider the magnificent, wonderful, never-ending, everlasting love of GOD in that HE HIMself came to earth in human form to save us. We show honor and respect in bowing. Now, with thanksgiving to God in our hearts, our bodies are made low, let’s bow our words, affections, desires and appetites, treasures and talents, thoughts, emotions, and ALL of every part of ourselves/our lives under The Father’s control.


God gave me the talent and gift of:______________________________________ and I give these back to Him for His direction, use, and plan. 

Which emotions are you bowing before God in prayer? ___________________________________

What thoughts and habits are you making low? _________________________________________ 

Take this practice of daily kneeling in the awesome presence of our loving LORD into the New Year!


ADVENT-in-Action Week 3Heavenly Father, YOU and YOU alone deserve worship, praise, adoration, obedience, and service. Therefore, I acknowledge You as The Most High GOD, The One and Only True and Living GOD by kneeling before YOU now with prayers of thanksgiving! Help me take this position every day as a reminder to gladly keep this posture in my mind and heart.

May I willingly place all thoughts, desires, plans, and activities in Your Almighty, all-powerful, and loving hands. I make them low and under Your control, influence, subjection, and direction. Help me to remember how Mary, (Mother of JESUS)-a godly, young, humble servant of GOD yielded herself (the whole self— her thoughts, future, spirit, and body) to GOD’s perfect plans and holy purposes.

Bring to my remembrance Joseph’s ( Jesus’ earthly father) willingness to abandon his plans, future, reputation, EVERYthing to follow God’s perfect plan! May the journey of the wise men be ours. They set aside their day-to-day priorities, power, positions, plans, treasure, time, and talent for the purpose of seeking YOU so that they could bow/humble themselves before You in worship.

They all showed us how to approach The Sovereign LORD GOD. Everything within them -as in us-bodies minds, souls, plans, agendas, and desires all bow to adore, worship, and honor the true KING of kings, LORD of lords, GOD made flesh…JESUS! Thank YOU, LORD! AMEN!

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