When God Calls

by Phyllis Freeman

…Here I am; you called me.

1 Samuel 3:5 NIV

The angel sat under the oak tree watching Gideon, an Israelite. The angel watched Gideon tremble. He was hiding from the Midianites and threshing his wheat, because they often attacked and stole from him.

The angel watched him for awhile. He probably shook his head, thinking, Why is this man hiding from the enemy when he serves a powerful God?


The angel walked over to Gideon and told Gideon that God was with him. The angel called Gideon a brave and mighty man. Gideon did nothing to receive this compliment–he was hiding from his enemy. But God didn’t see a coward; God saw what Gideon could become if he would obey Him.

“Why do we have all this trouble? Where are the miracles?” Gideon asked the angel.

Gideon knew God performed miracles by delivering Israel from slavery in Egypt. He wondered why God didn’t fix Israel’s problems now. Of course, God could fix it, but he wanted Gideon to receive a blessing from leading his own people.

Gideon argued, “God wouldn’t want me to become a leader because I’m poor and I’m the least in my family.” God declared He would be there to help Gideon destroy the Midianites.

Finally, Gideon called men to come to the battle. So many men came that God told him, “Send everyone home who is afraid or even if they want to go home.” Many men left the army. Then he had only 300 men to fight a war against thousands. Winning seemed impossible.

They conquered the enemy’s large military with their small army, because God wanted Israel to know that He had delivered Midian into their hands. They didn’t win by themselves.

Gideon was a warrior and had many victories. He became a ruler and a judge for Israel.

God calls each of us to do something for Him. You may not become a judge, but you may someday be a missionary, a choir leader, or a Sunday school teacher. When God calls to your heart,  don’t think that you can’t do anything…just say, “Yes.” Then trust God to help you.

References:  Judges 6

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