What Did the Magi Eat on Their Journey?

What Did the Magi Eat on Their Journey?


by Sandra Merville Hart

The Bible tells us in Matthew 2:1 that Magi from the east came to Jerusalem after Jesus was born in Bethlehem. It doesn’t give an exact location. Yet northern Arabia, Syria, and Mesopotamia were considered the “east” by the Jews.

What might they have eaten along the way? Nuts, dates, and figs lasted a long time and were easy to pack on camels. They also needed to bring food and grain for their camels. The Magi may have traveled on sand dunes and desert for many miles.

They’d also follow the rivers and streams as much as possible so they and their camels had plenty to drink. Folks living in the region likely shared water from their wells.

When going through towns, they’d buy fresh bread, meat, fruits, and vegetables for the journey ahead. Stews and soups would have provided hot meals.

These Wise Men brought three gifts for Jesus.

They gave him gold. This gift for kings was given to Jesus, the New-Born King.

They gave him frankincense, an aromatic oil sometimes used in worship. Christians worship Jesus as God’s Son.

They gave him myrrh, symbolizing Jesus’ persecution and death.


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