Walking on the Right Path

Walking on the Right Path

Have  you ever seen people do bad things and then get praised for it? It’s hard to do the right thing, especially when everyone else is not. But there’s a way to make sure you always do the right thing: make sure that you imagine Jesus with you as you do it. And remember, even though you’re just imaging him with you, he really is with you all the time.

As you color the sheet below, try to memorize this verse from The Message to help you always remember to do what’s right.

Holding Hands coloring sheet

Click on this image to print it out and color.

gina graham

Gina loves to illustrate the Bible for children.  She has created hundreds of resources for children’s ministry needs – activity sheets, puzzles, games, children’s church bulletins, paintings, memory verse helps and more.  “Gina’s Corner” is a column she creates for Kids’ Ministry Ideas.




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