The Lonely Little Princess, Part 2

The Lonely Little Princess, Part 2

By Elizabeth Fust

“Star light, star bright, the first star I see tonight; I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight. And the wish I wish tonight is for a friendship always bright.” There! That is what the Princess wished for.


“Dear God, I’m so lonely. Please, could you give me a friend that will always love me and never leave me? I don’t care if it’s a peasant, princess, or a prince. I just don’t want to be alone. Thank you, God. Amen.”

And with that, the Princess went to sleep. After talking to God, she didn’t feel as lonely.

The next day the Princess went to the dressmaker’s shop with her mother, the Queen. There were so many dresses in many different colors. There were sparkly silver dresses, pretty pink dresses, and beautiful blue ball gowns.


The greatest part of the day, however, was meeting the dressmaker’s daughter. She was the same age as the Princess and loved to read. As the dressmaker helped the Queen pick out dresses to wear to a ball, the two girls talked about all the books they had read. They both loved to read books about true love and fairytales, the kind where knights save damsels in distress from an evil dragon.

“Someday I want to fall in love,” the dressmaker’s daughter told the Princess.

“Me too, but I never want to be a damsel in distress!” the Princess said, sticking her tongue out.

Several years passed and the two girls became very close friends. They played together almost every day and went on adventures around the palace. Together they grew up to be two lovely young ladies.

Soon the Princess was old enough to go to the balls her family gave. She invited the dressmaker’s daughter to all the balls, and together they danced the night away.

At one of the balls, there was a little princess standing by herself in a corner. She looked very shy and alone. The Princess remembered how lonely she had been when she didn’t have any friends.

The dressmaker’s daughter and the Princess decided to befriend the little princess. They didn’t want anyone to be lonely. Once they started to get to know her, they realized how alike they were. The little princess loved to read stories about fairies and unicorns.

“I wish I could see a unicorn someday,” the little princess said.

“Or to swim with some mermaids!” exclaimed the dressmaker’s daughter.


“I want to have a fairy godmother who’s always watching over me,” the Princess said.


Art work by Rachel Skiba


Elizabeth Fust is a homeschooled senior in high school. When she was six years old, she entered a story into a Reading Rainbow Young Writers and Illustrators contest, it is the first story she remembers writing. Elizabeth has been writing ever since. She is active in the parish youth group, parish choir, and 4-H. She is an avid reader, loves playing with her two dogs, playing Ultimate Frisbee with her friends, playing flute, dreaming up new stories, and learning new things.


Rachel Skiba has been homeschooled her entire life and is headed to her freshman year of college. She has always been interested in art and has taken many art classes. Rachel enjoys drawing, photography, sewing, beading, playing the bass, playing Ultimate Frisbee with her friends, and spending time with her four sisters.


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