The Kingdom of Mushrooms

The Knights of the Wooded Mushrooms hereby declare:

Numeral One: Never eat a wild mushroom. Partaking of mushrooms is for professional mycologists only.

Our Creed

We’re beautiful to behold, but don’t be bold.

Our poison will leave you with more than a cold!

Numeral Two: Plain and simple, we’re all fungus–the best-looking fungi you’ll ever happen upon.

Our Other Creed

My cap may be a beautiful red,

or yellow, maybe even polka-dotted tangerine.

But leave me be and I’ll entertain thee

with plenty of variety.

Numeral Three: Mushrooms utilize the decaying matter, since we cannot photosynthesize like plants.

GIve us poop, roots, stumps, or rot, and give us life.

One More Creed

If it’s nature you groove, we’re into our organic too.

We eat only decomposing food.

Numeral Four: All mushrooms are knights in the kingdom and are armed with spores used for reproduction. We grow stalks underground before our caps push through the forest floor–the underground part of our suit is mycelium.

The Final Creed

Wild Mushrooms Must Be Left at their Command Post.

We’re wild!

For all that’s fit and proper, The Kingdom of the Wooded Mushrooms declares its creed.

* The Year of Our Lore, 2011 *

By Terri Kelly

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