The Advice

Your Love Sets Me Free

Verse 1:
I could tell myself to breathe
And tell my heart to beat
But without you I’m just as dead
as any man could be
I could travel sea to sea
Just to discover me
But if life’s just me
it’s another mystery

Before You, my life was so empty
And then you opened my eyes and set me free

I didn’t wait for someone to tell me it’s right
I know my love for You is real cuz I can feel it inside
And that’s all I need
Cuz Your love sets me free
I grow closer to You with each day I’m alive
I got my heart out on my sleeve and I can’t deny
that You’re all I need
And Your love sets me free

Verse 2:
Well there’s been things before
that my heart did adore
But I must say that you’re the one
I was always looking for
Now I’ll never search no more
No need to knock on doors
One thing’s for sure
I found love that will endure



Now I know what love feels like
Whoa-oh-oh Whoa-oh-oh
It’s a feeling that feels right
Whoa-oh-oh Whoa-oh-oh
Now my heart is leaping inside
Whoa-oh-oh Whoa-oh-oh
Cuz I found a love I can’t hide
Whoa-oh-oh Whoa-oh-oh

Chorus (2x)

More about The Advice

The Advice formed in early 2003, but didn’t make their national introduction to the music world until 2010, with the independent release of their single “Your Love Sets Me Free”.

The single hit the Billboard Charts in the summer of 2010, leading to the band signing with InPop Records. InPop’s roster also includes The Newsboys, Mat Kearney, Jimmy Needham and others.


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