Stay on the Right Route

Stay on the Right Route

by Pamela A. Harrison


For this is God, our God forever and ever; He will be our guide even to death.

Psalm 48:14

“Hi, Dad.”

David’s dad looked up as he placed an open map beside his laptop on the table. “Hi, buddy. How was your day?”

“Not very good,” David slouched in the chair.

“You want to talk about it?”

“Todd’s mad at me.”

“He is? Why?”

David looked at his dad and sighed. “He didn’t do his math assignment last night and he wanted to copy mine.”

“What did you do?”

“I almost gave my paper to him, but I got a funny feeling in my stomach. So, I told him no. He got mad and said he wasn’t my friend anymore. And to make it worse, Mrs. Wilcox took away five minutes of our recess for talking.”

“Let me show you something,” Dad said. He moved the map closer to David. “We’re going to Aunt Beth’s new house this weekend. It’s here in Chicago, but the Illinois map doesn’t show the smaller streets.” Dad slipped a disk out of a bag on the floor. “The map and this GPS remind me of the way you felt about letting Todd copy your answers.”

“I don’t get it.” David watched his dad insert the disk.

“The Bible is like a map, David. It shows you the route you should take on your life’s journey. The Holy Spirit is like GPS. It guides you through the smaller streets.”

“So the funny feeling was the Holy Spirit guiding me?”

“Yes—what Todd was asking you to do was wrong. Through the Holy Spirit, God guided you onto the right street. I know it’s hard to have your best friend mad at you, but you did the right thing.”

David hugged his dad. “I’m really glad I listened to the Holy Spirit.”

“So am I, David.”

“You know, Dad, I learned two things today.” David smiled. “Yeah, let the Holy Spirit guide you. And don’t talk in class.”

Read: James 1:22-25

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Pamela Harrison, a former elementary teacher, loves writing for children. She started writing stories for her own children when they were young. As a teacher she liked to included literature in all subjects and when she couldn’t find a story to use, she wrote her own.


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