Spinning Fiber into Yarn

The first time I saw an angora rabbit I fell in love. I had no idea that such a creature existed and the possibilities that came with it.

Angora fiber can be combed or plucked off rabbits on a regular basis to be used for all kinds of fiber arts.

Our rabbits are NEVER harmed in the harvesting of the fiber.  They are well cared for and quite spoiled.

Angora can be felted and spun into yarn. It is considered a “luxury” fiber and is very warm and soft. It is 7 times warmer that wool and the second warmest fiber in the world (musk ox is first!) The fiber can be spun  on a drop spindle or a spinning wheel. Angora comes in many natural colors like black, grey, chocolate, and caramel, just to name a few. It can also be dyed very easily to get colors that you will never see on a real bunny! Find a drop spindle and some fiber and learn to spin today.

grey fiber devokidsNatural fiber right from the rabbit         drop spindle Drop spindle

green yellow fiberFiber after being dyed with color           spinning wheelSpinning wheel

carded fiberAfter being carded (blended together) spun green yellow fiber Spun into beautiful yarn

Photos courtesy of Ashford

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