Spherical Festivity

Spherical Festivity

Christmas Tree Ornaments, Decorative Accents, and Gifts


Transform clear glass ornaments into beautiful globes of color with this festive craft. Working with family and friends adds to the fun, and an extra pair of hands can be helpful as you finish the project. The supplies include glass, liquid paste, spray sealer, and scissors, so remember to follow general safety rules as well as any safety precautions indicated on the product’s packaging.


So, are you ready? Invite your family and friends, gather your supplies, put on your “messy clothes,” and start creating! If you want help jump-starting your creativity, keep reading to the end for theme, display, and gift ideas. And when you’re done, send us a picture to inspire others.




Round Glass Ornaments – 1 box

Liquid Paste (we used Plaid® Mod Podge® for ours) – 1 bottle

Spray Sealer (we used Plaid® Patricia Nimocks™ Clear Acrylic Sealer for ours) – 1 can

Tissue Paper – enough to cover ornaments; lots of colors

Foam Brushes – 1 for each crafter

Something to Hang Ornaments on for Drying

Styrofoam Plates – 1 for each crafter

Decorative (but also strong) String, Thread, or Ribbon

Scissors for Cutting the String, Thread, or Ribbon



  1. Tear the tissue paper into different size strips and pieces.
  2. Pile tissue strips and pieces into the middle of the craft area.
  3. Give a styrofoam plate to everyone.
  4. Open up the bottle of liquid paste and pour some onto each person’s styrofoam plate. (Remember to re-cap bottle once you put it down so it doesn’t dry out.)
  5. Dip a foam brush into the liquid paste you just poured onto the styrofoam plate. Hold onto the brush, while you pick up a glass ornament with your other hand.
  6. Use the foam brush dipped in liquid paste to cover the outside of the entire glass ornament.
  7. Continue holding the glass ornament while you put the foam brush back onto the styrofoam plate.
  8. Cover the glass ornament you are holding with pieces of tissue, adding more liquid paste as needed to help the tissue paper stick. As you cover the ornament with tissue paper, you can overlap pieces. However, the more you overlap, the darker that spot on the ornament will be. Let your creativity flow and enjoy experimenting! Also, the wetter the tissue paper is from the liquid paste, the more translucent the tissue paper becomes.
  9. Use your foam brush to gently smooth out any blobs of paste that have appeared, being careful not to tear the tissue paper.
  10. Loop a piece of string or thread through the the top of the ornament and tie it. (Make the loop long enough to hang the craft to dry, and if using as a Christmas tree ornament, long enough to hang on the tree.)
  11. Hang the ornament to dry.
  12. After the ornaments are dry, spray them with sealer.


Creativity Jumpstarters



Color Wheel – use a color wheel as your guide to find complementary colors

Tie Dye – mix and match different colors

Shading – combine different shades of one color

Accessory – colors that coordinate with your mom’s decorating

Favorite Ones – use your favorite color

Bouquet – mix your favorite colors together

Holiday – pick the popular colors for the holiday


Dapper Displays:

Centerpieces and Table Toppers – arranged on a platter; clustered in a bowl; stacked in a clear cylinder container; on a hanging stand

Mantle Majesty – nestled among garland on a fireplace mantle

Tree Trimmings – hooked, tied, or hung on the Christmas tree


Gifts Galore:



Sunday School Teachers

Youth Group Leaders

Homeschool Support Group Leaders

Family – parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins

Community Organizations – missions, the Salvation Army, and nursing homes often have Christmas trees and holiday displays

Adorable Accents:

Gifts – tie them to gift packages and bags as an accent piece


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