The Melt and Pour Method


Supplies can be bought at craft stores.

  • dyes
  • fragrance
  • blocks of clear soap
  • Shea butter soap
  • molds and soap cutters or small cookie cutters
  • spray bottle of rubbing alcohol
  • Kitchen Utensils: saran wrap, knife, glass measuring cup, microwave oven

Cut off a few blocks, add to glass measuring cup, and melt in microwave.

 After the soap is melted, add dye and fragrance.


 The fragrance box explains how to mix scents.

Pour the melted soap in to the soap mold.

 Cut small pieces of shea butter soap with mold.


Add the small shea butter soaps to your large soap mold before it hardens.


Spray with rubbing alcohol to destroy soap bubbles.


Soap hardens as it cools and then, you can pop the soap out of the molds. Wrap the soap up in paper and you’re ready to sell or…take a bath.

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