S’mores In a Cone

Smores 1

Ingredient List

sugar cone ice cream cones


Hershey’s bars or chocolate chips

tin foil

Camping is one of my family’s favorite activities, and our trips are never complete without campfires and s’mores. I found a photo online of this fun twist on s’mores treats, and we gave it a try on our recent vacation at Lake Superior.

Maybe your family will want give these simple tasty camping treats a try too.

First, put four or five mini marshmallows in the bottom of the cone. Then add a couple chocolate chunks, followed by another small handful of mini marshmallows, and top with another chocolate chunk or two.

smores 2

Once you have filled your cone, wrap it tightly in foil and set in on a grate above the burning coals. Make sure you do not set it directly above the flame because the cone will burn. (I know from experience.)

smores 3

Leave the cone on the grate for approximately 8- 10 minutes, using tongs to rotate it every couple minutes.

Use the tongs to remove the cone from the grate, and set it aside for a couple minutes to cool. Unwrap the cone, and enjoy your s’more cone treat.

smores 4

This was an experiment for our family since we were just going by a photo and not following a recipe. While they were good, the marshmallows took significantly longer to melt than the chocolate. Another option is to roast two regular-sized marshmallows and then layer them in a cone: one roasted marshmallow followed by a couple chunks of chocolate followed by the second marshmallow.

This makes a great s’more with less mess.


Kim Harms





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