Should I Homeschool?

Should I Homeschool?

By Jaime Gantt

People often say to me, “I wish I could homeschool.” That thought is usually followed by a disclaimer such as, “but I don’t have enough patience,” or, “I could never get my kids to listen to me.”

The reality is that homeschool moms are no different than other moms. We often lack patience and we frequently have trouble keeping our children on task. Eleven years of homeschooling and five children have taught me that the most important component of every homeschool adventure is calling.

You are probably wondering what I mean by calling. The most important factor in any decision is to know whether or not it is God’s will for your life. When it comes to big, life-altering decisions such as homeschooling, it is even more important to seek his will. Ask him to show you if he is calling you to homeschool your children.

When I first began homeschooling, I was convinced that it was the best and only option for loving, Christian parents. I believed that with enough discipline, study, and will power any family could homeschool their children. I’m ashamed to say that I frequently shared my beliefs with anyone who asked me about homeschooling.

My endeavors at homeschooling my first two children were fairly successful. Before long, however, baby number three joined our family. Although things became harder, I was determined to keep moving forward. It wasn’t long though that I hit a big wall, called twins.

Despite my overzealous beginnings, I soon learned that what got me through each day wasn’t my own willpower. No, it was by God’s grace alone that I had any success each day. The next few years would bring chronic illnesses, surgeries, learning disabilities, and a myriad of other struggles. Basically, life happened and I quickly realized that it was God that had been carrying me all along.

If God is calling you to homeschool your children, accept that his plan for your school might be different than you expect. You may find that he calls you to homeschool, but only for one or two years or only during high school. You might also have to homeschool through hardships. No matter what your journey looks like, continually seek God’s guidance and he will provide.

If after spending time in prayer you discover that God is not calling you to homeschool your children, trust that he has a different plan for your family.

These days when someone asks me about homeschooling, my only answer is, “Pray.”



Jaime Gantt has been an active leader and mentor in the homeschool community for 11 years. She enjoys using her gift of writing to reach more people with the hope and healing of Jesus Christ. Besides a unique ability to relate information to her readers in the form of articles, Jaime enjoys writing expressive poetry. Jaime is a passionate advocate for victims of abuse and modern-day slavery.

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