Roads Not Taken

by Meyana

You will walk on your way
securely, and your foot will not stumble.
Proverbs 3:23, ESV

Life can be compared to a road. Roads turn and twist every which way. Life goes round and round with twist and turns. But God rescues you and puts you on the right track always.

I love the poem the “Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost. It explains perfectly how to be yourself. And how you don’t have to follow what others do.

God made everyone different for different reasons and occasions. Being different is not a bad thing! You can walk on God’s path to safety.

Dear God,
Help us to know we are different for His reasons.
Help us not to think being different is bad.

Meyana is 10-years-old and was adopted as a baby from China. She was healed from major vision disabilities at age eight after two surgeries and a lot of vision therapy. Praise the Lord! Meyana writes kids’ devotions, poetry, and stories about life. She’s also an accomplished violist and enjoys performing for important causes. She enjoys reading, learning, and wants to be a doctor some day. She hopes you will enjoy her writings and that it will give God glory.

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