Prayer for My Puppy

by Emily Capps

Hear my prayer Lord; listen to my cry for mercy.

Psalm 86:6

I clasped my hands, bowed my head and used every bit of strength in my body on my prayer.  “Dear Lord, help dad to like the new puppy…”

Have you ever prayed for something super important? Maybe it was a good grade on a test. Or the lines in the Christmas play you just knew you were going to mess up. Sometimes it’s hard to have faith that God is going to answer your prayer.  Just have patience.  God can help you study, so you can get that A.  He can calm those butterflies so you can remember your lines.  And He sure helped my dad with that new puppy. Nutmeg is still with us today.

Emily Capps is 13 years old and lives in the North Carolina mountains with her three dogs, Sam, Sally, and

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