Pick Me First!

By  Bea Edwards

Keep me as the apple of Your eye; Hide me under the shadow of Your wings.

Psalm 17:8 NKJV


Jamie slung her backpack onto the porch and plopped down on the steps to pout.

“Why the long face?” her dad asked.

“We played ball in school today and I was picked last. I’m always picked last!” Jamie said.

“Maybe they were just saving the best for last.”

“No they weren’t,” Jamie said. “I’m the most unpopular kid in my class.”

“You are the most popular kid in this house,” Dad said. “I think you are the greatest, and I love you with all my heart. In fact, you are the apple of my eye.”

It’s no fun to be picked last and feel like everyone is liked more than you, is it? Did you know that you are Jesus’ favorite kid? Besides your parents, there is no one that loves you more than Jesus does. In fact, if you had been the only person in the world, Jesus would have come from Heaven just for you.

So, the next time you are feeling unpopular, remember this: the Bible says YOU are the apple of his eye. That is a tender way of saying you are extra special to Him.

Read more about being the apple of God’s eye in Zechariah 2:8.


Bea lives in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina with her best friend: a 3 year old pit bull named Sophie. She has one grown daughter who is forever “the apple of her eye.”


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