Ornament Snow Globe!

1.  1 piece of cardstock
2.  Old wrapping paper
3.  Clear, small plastic cup
4.  Cotton balls
5.  Glue
6.  Scissors
7.  Ribbon
8.  Markers
9.  Old Tissue Paper
10. Pencil
11.  Cotton swab
First, turn the plastic cup upside down and trace around it on your piece of cardstock. (If you don’t have cardstock, a piece of cardboard will work.) Repeat and cut out both circles.
Second, glue the two circles together. Then wrap them in your used wrapping paper.  This will be the base of your snow globe.
Third, glue two cotton balls one on top of the other and attach them to the base. If you want two snow people, repeat this step.
Fourth, use your remaining cardstock to make hats and accessories for your snow people. I used ribbon for the snowman’s scarf and to tie the snowwoman’s bonnet. (Below, are the pieces I used to make the snowman’s hat.)
Fifth, cut off one end of the cotton swab and glue it onto the base. Color it yellow or orange to create a flame, and then use cardstock to complete the street lampshade. Be creative and have fun making your snow scene.
Sixth, rip up tiny pieces of your old, white tissue paper to make snow and place them inside your clear cup.
Seventh, when you have finished decorating your snow people, place glue along the lip of the cup. Quickly, place it on top of the base to seal up your snow globe.
Finally, cut a small piece of ribbon and glue it to the top of the globe to finish your ornament.

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