October – Respect Life Month

October – Respect Life Month

By Karen Whiting

October is Respect Life month for the church and a time to think about how special God made everyone. Find out what happened the day of your birth and how your family celebrated your first day home. At dinner chat about how each person in your family is unique and has different talents and interests. You are so special that God has even numbered the hairs on your head. It says so in Matthew 10:30. Touch 0ne hair and it might be #10,563. Celebrate life all month with some of these activities:

  • Make cards for people in a nursing home and deliver them in person.
  • Donate baby items to a woman’s shelter or birthright center.
  • Talk a hike and talk about living creatures you see. Praise God for all He made.
  • Have parents and grandparents share stories about your arrival into your family.
  • Make a collage of baby pictures of as many people and relatives in your family as you can.
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter.
  • Bake cookies and bring them to a woman’s shelter or soup kitchen.
  • Collect used toys, canned good, and clothes. Donate them to a St. Vincent de Paul center or other organizations in your area that helps the poor.
  • Rake leaves for an elderly neighbor.
  • Bake a meal for a neighbor who is ill or has a newborn baby.
  • Write your representatives and urge them to support laws that protect life.
  • Read Psalm 139 and chat about how God saw you and mad you inside your mother’s womb.
  • A picture is worth a 1000 words, so go online and look at babies in the womb and how they grow at www.priestsforlife.org/ultrasound.html or http://www.lifeissues.org/windows.html

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Karen Whiting, a freelance writer and award-winning author of sixteen nonfiction books, loves to let creativity splash onto the page as she writes. Celebrate using this book with Princess Tea Parties www.karenwhiting.com

Karen directed an award winning tween and teen puppet ministry for more than a dozen years and hosted a TV series, Puppets on Parade, WLRN for Miami educational television. Karen is a speaker for women’s groups, retreats, schools, and mother-daughter events.

She is a mother of five and grandmother of eight. She has a heart for encouraging families to connect, serve, and treasure one another (a great basis for a great family). She wants to help young girls get a wonderful start on their life’s journey as a princess and help them develop their inner beauty.


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