Back Talk

Back Talk

“Not fair!” the kid said.

“Don’t you back talk,” the dad said.

Has anyone ever told you not to back talk or sass? My dad use to say, “Don’t you give me any lip.” I knew I’d better shut-up!

Sassing or back talking means you’ve spoken disrespectfully to an adult. If you’ve been daring enough to back talk, then you may have also heard, “You’re grounded,” or “Go to your room.”

Adults expect children to obey and not question their authority. Even when you don’t understand, obey your parents. (Hint…if you ask for an answer respectfully, you may get an answer.)

Guess who allows back talk? Your father in heaven wants you to talk back to Him. Of course, you’ll have to keep reading because back talking God is different from back talking your parents. The next time you feel like screaming, “Why?” or “Not fair,” you can cry to God. He doesn’t mind. In fact, He wants to know what’s on your heart.

Here’s how to back talk God: Read the Bible, underline words that speak to your heart, then repeat Bible verses back to him when you pray. You can memorize the verse or write it on a card.

Then every time you pray, you can back talk God.

By Terri Kelly

But when you pray, go to your room, close the door,  and pray to your father, who is unseen. Matthew 6:6

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