Nature Weaving

Nature Weaving

What you need:


2 sticks (they can be any diameter and length)


Any flowers, leaves, twigs or branches that you can find in nature will work!

nature walk craft 012      nature walk craft 011

This project is a perfect blend of art and nature and fun for all ages.  We love to go on nature walks and this is a great way to save our collection and display our finds. Older children should be able to do most of this on their own with some simple direction.  Younger ones will enjoy it too, but they will need more help.

Start by attaching the yarn between the two sticks however far apart you want your weaving to be.      nature walk craft 015

This is what it should look like when the yarn is attached:  nature walk craft 017

You will also want to tie a piece of the yarn to make a handle so it can be hung up to work on. nature walk craft 020

Simply start by weaving your flowers or branches over and under each piece of yarn.nature walk craft 023

You will gently push each branch or flower down once it is woven through. nature walk craft 025

When is is full you have a beautiful display of the items your child has collected.  nature walk craft 028

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