Hi DevoKids,

No long ago, I boarded an airplane bound for London, England.
Talk about a long plane ride—nine hours! But every crunched-in-the-sit-moment was worth the adventure.

The first adventure for my husband and me came at London Underground—their subway system. When you board the Tube (underground train), a recorded voice instructs you to “mind the gap,” the a bit of space between the concrete walkway and the train’s door.

If you accidentally stepped into the gap—eeeekkkk. The train swishes away from the station every few minutes, but feels like seconds when you’re scrambling with the crowd to board the right train, whilst minding the gap. (How do you like my British talk?)

Everyone has gaps or holes they have to dodge—cheating on a test, lying to your parents, returning the extra change the clerk gave you by mistake. It’s called temptation. Take an exciting ride through London and Oxford on DevoKids. Each station will find ways to mind the gaps, the breaks, the weak points in our lives.

For personal gaps, call this number. Jeremiah 33:3 “’Call to me and I will answer you…”

God has ways to help us fill the gaps, so the bad doesn’t rot our fortress—our minds, bodies, and souls.

Mind the gap, DevoKids!
Love all ‘round,
Terri Kelly, Editor                                                      

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