Make Your Own Kite


1.       Piece of white paper

2.       Markers, crayons, stickers (optional)

3.       Ruler

4.       Pencil

5.       Tape

6.       Stapler

7.       Hole Puncher

8.       Scissors

9.       Yarn/String 4-5 feet long

First, take your white piece of paper and color it. You may color both sides if you like, or you may leave it white.

Second, fold the piece of paper in half with the folded side closest to you.

Third, use the ruler and pencil to draw a small line at the 2.5 inch mark from the left side and another one at the 5 inch mark.

Fourth, take the top left hand corner and bring it down to the first dash, but DO NOT fold it.

Hold it in place with a small piece of tape. Flip the paper over, and bring down the other corner. Again, DO NOT fold it.

You may staple the two flaps together for extra security.

Fifth, use the hole puncher to punch a hole just above the 5 inch mark.

Sixth, take your yarn/string and thread it through the hole. Tie a knot to attach the string to your kite.

Seventh, enjoy your kite!

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