Lucky Gets Healed

Lucky Gets Healed

Lucky the goat had a stomach ache. There was no food in the little room where she was living. She tried to nibble the carpet. It did not taste good.

One day a nice lady rescued Lucky and brought her to a farm. Lucky could hear another goat bleating in the distance. Lucky tried to bleat a “hello” in response, but her voice was very weak.

Lucky’s brown and white fur was washed with gentle hands. Her thin body shivered despite the warm day. Could this be her new home, she wondered, while nibbling on delicious fresh hay and leaves.

The next day, children gathered around Lucky’s pen. “We all have times when we don’t feel well, and even our bones seem tired. When these times happen our prayers can be like a fresh breath of life for each other. Let’s pray for Lucky, and then draw pictures of how we think the LORD sees her,” said the nice lady.

In one picture, Lucky was a healthy, round animal smiling from underneath a rainbow. In another picture, the words “Lucky is healed in the name of Jesus’ ‘ were written. Lucky was holding an ice cream cone in the next picture, with the caption: “I can run and jump around in my new home! And eat snow cones.” Lucky began to feel much better.

Soon, Lucky was healthy enough to live with her new goat family! Because of prayer and loving care her stomach ache was all gone.

Ezekiel 37:1-14

Jennifer TirrellWith over 25 years voluntary sector experience, Jennifer has worked alongside many wonderful individuals serving the underserved across the United States and beyond, as well as mucking stalls and cleaning goat pens closer to home on her daughter’s farm ministry.  She loves Jesus Christ, writing, kids and everything outdoors.

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