Job Profile: Be a Party Helper

By C.C. Owens

Hey Kids!

Have you ever helped your mom with your little brother or sister’s birthday party? Worked in the nursery at church? Helped your parents prepare and clean up for a cookout or dinner with friends? If so, you may have what it takes to be a party helper.

What does a Party Helper do?

Party helpers can do a lot of things to make it easier for the person hosting the party. They can

  • open the door for guests as they arrive,
  • direct people to food, activities, and bathrooms,
  • pick up trash from the party area,
  • serve cake and drinks to party goers,
  • help organize and run games,
  • watch to be sure young children don’t leave the activity area.

Tips for when you’re a Party Helper:

  • Always be on time. Ask the host what time you are to arrive and don’t be late.
  • Ask your host what he or she wants done. It may help to have a list of items you do to make it easier for them to remember. (Hint – You can start with the list of items above and add other items as you think of them. Ask your host to check off 4 or 5 items you are to do.)
  • Do your best work.
  • Don’t wait to be told what to do. Watch for ways to help and act on them.
  • Thank your host for hiring you.

Special skills you may want to learn:

How to make balloon animals – Party stores and places like WalMart sell balloon kits with instruction booklets on how to make balloon animals. Invest in a kit and practice these shapes. This can be an added service you provide for your party customers.

How to take pictures – Ask your mom or dad if there is a camera you can use to practice taking pictures. Take pictures of your family and friends until you are happy with the results. Ask an adult to look at your pictures and give you suggestions. (Hint – You want your pictures to be memorable. Take a look at your favorite pictures and consider why you like them. Then try to take pictures that are similar.)

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