It’s Odd to Get Even

Phyllis Qualls Freeman

I have a right to get even with the Philistines.
Judges 15:3

Samson was mad. He was a judge and leader in Israel. The Philistines were bullies. They gave the Israelites trouble all the time. Over and over they stole grain and hurt Israelite people.

Samson said, “I know what I’ll do. I’ll catch 300 foxes and tie their tails together in pairs.” Can you imagine how hard it was to do without being bitten by sharp teeth? Then he lit the tails of the foxes on fire and let them run into the grain fields of his enemy – 150 pair of foxes with blazing tails. All that was left in the field was burned, red fox fur.

This made the Philistines angry. The enemy caused trouble again with Israel.

Is it right to get even with someone who causes you trouble? Sometimes it just causes more trouble. No one wins.

Do you triumph if you try to get even? What do you think God would have you do instead of trying to do to others what they do to you?

Lord help me to remember that no one wins when
we do others wrong. We want to please You by doing good things. Amen.

Phyllis Qualls Freeman lives in Hixson, TN. She has five grandchildren and loves to write devotions and stories. Sometimes she tells stories about her grandchildren. She used to tell her stories to her grandchildren to get them to go to sleep when they visited her. Together they made cookies, pretzels and muffins for their Papaw and for the nursing home where Great-Grandma Qualls stayed.

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