Helping Others

Fall is the time of year when you see squirrels running around with their cheeks full of nuts and acorns. Did you know they were putting them in a special place so they’ll have food for the winter? Can you imagine what a hard job it must be to gather enough food to last until Spring?

Have you ever seen someone trying to pick up a heavy load? Did you try to help them? When you help someone, you are making God happy. You are obeying His law.

Use the decoder to answer this question: How do you catch a squirrel? (Hint: Match the symbols in the decoder to the letters in the code. For example, the symbol < is the letter U.)



Click on the image above so you can print and color it.

Gina loves to illustrate the Bible for children.  She has created hundreds of resources for children’s ministry needs – activity sheets, puzzles, games, children’s church bulletins, paintings, memory verse helps and more.  “Gina’s Corner” is a column she creates for Kids’ Ministry Ideas.



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