Happy Birthday, Jesus Cake

Happy Birthday, Jesus Cake

by Sandra Merville Hart

The tradition of birthday cakes for Jesus began over 500 years ago when desserts were a rare treat.

Children looked forward to baking a cake to celebrate Jesus’s birthday. Moms often hid little gifts inside the batter. Children found tiny toys like marbles or even a coin in their servings.

The cake itself contains special meaning. White cake symbolizes the sinless life of Jesus. The cake rises while in the oven to represent His resurrection.

Red icing reminds folks that Jesus died to save us from our sins.

The light of a single candle reminds us of the star the Wise Men followed to Bethlehem. Candlelight also means that Jesus is the light of the world.

I wrote “Happy Birthday, Jesus” on my frosted cake. Ask your mom for red and green M&M’s or other festive candies to decorate your own piece.

Merry Christmas!

Sandy KCP06 smallAbout Sandra Merville Hart

Award-winning author Sandra Merville Hart loves to uncover fascinating historical facts for her novels and stories. She was an editor and writer for DevoKids for several years and is now Executive Editor. She’s excited to be part of this fun, educational, and inspirational ministry for children.


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