Growing $$$

by C.C. Owens

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but you might be able to grow it in your back yard. If you are looking for a way to make money this summer, try planting a garden and selling what you grow.

Sound like too much work? Consider this:

  • After your garden is planted, your main job is to water and weed the plants until harvest time. You can do this in 30-40 minutes a day. (Most gardens will take less time.) Then, you have the rest of your day free.
  • Gardens cost very little to start. The average veggie or herb plant can be bought for $2-3. Remember that money you’ve been saving in your piggy (or squirrel) bank? Here is a chance to put it to work.
  • Gardens have great Net Gain – that’s the money you’ve earned after you cover your expenses. In the grocery store, a single red bell pepper sells for $2. If you buy a red bell pepper plant for $3 and sell only three peppers, you’ve doubled your investment. You’ve gotten back what you spent on the plant and earned some money. But, a single red bell pepper plant will produce many peppers!

Net Gain = Money from Peppers Sold – Costs

If you sell 10 red bell peppers at $2 each:                Net Gain = ($2 x 10) – $3 = $17

You’ve gained $17 from one plant—a $3 investment. That’s putting your money to work!

Here are some tips to get your garden business started:

  • Talk to other gardeners and ask what grows well in your area.
  • Start small.
  • Try easy plants first. Peppers, tomatoes, and basil are a good place to start. After you get used to gardening, you can branch out. Maybe ask your customers what they would like.
  • Line up customers before you have produce. Once your garden is planted and growing well, let neighbors know what you’re growing. Remember those who show interest in your garden.
  • Don’t forget your parents. They buy veggies too, or you might want to give veggies to your family for helping you get started.


C.C. Owens uses her experience as a teacher to encourage her readers in simple, practical ways. Her current writing projects include inspirational devotions and whimsical children’s books. C.C. lives in South Carolina with her husband Robin, where they can be found gardening, hiking, and cycling.

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