Growing in Gratitude

Growing in Gratitude

Jimmy ran to the window to see if his guests had arrived. He couldn’t wait for his birthday party to start! He helped his mom blow up balloons, then he tied them to the mailbox. As the guests arrived, Jimmy’s eyes widened when he saw the big, shiny packages that everyone had brought for him.

When gift-opening time came, Jimmy grabbed a present and tore into it. It was a Lego set! Instead of thanking the friend who gave it to him, Jimmy just grabbed another gift and started opening it. He continued this way, not thanking anyone, until all the gifts were opened.

After the party, Jimmy’s mom came into his room and talked to him about what had happened. When Jimmy realized that he had forgotten to show appreciation for his gifts, he decided to write thank-you notes to everyone who had come to the party.

When we receive a gift, it’s important to let the giver know how much we appreciate it. God is the biggest giver there is! He gave us this beautiful earth, warm sunshine, food to eat, and all the people and pets we love.

We can be like Jimmy, forgetting to give thanks for our gifts, or we can make a point to be grateful for something each and every day. Whether we are appreciating a beautiful sunrise, a new puppy, or a delicious meal, we can show gratitude to our Heavenly Father by simply bowing our heads and saying, “thank you.”

Which gifts are you thankful for?

“Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving; let us make a joyful noise to him with songs of praise!” (Psalm 95:2)

Katie SuarezKatie Suarez is a writer from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She has written for Our Sunday VisitorLiving Faith Kids, and James Dobson’s Thriving Family. Katie enjoys playing basketball with her son, reading, and going on walks with her husband.

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