Funny Money, A Poem

Funny Money, A Poem

by C.C. Owens

I had a quarter in a jar.

It told me it was blue,

and so I placed another there

and one coin became two.

The two coins talked and rattled loud

this jar beside my toys,

and so I put a dollar in

to muffle all their noise.

But soon the dollar joined the coins.

It crinkled and it crunched.

So I placed two more bills inside

and quickly went to lunch.

When I returned, the bills hopped up.

The coins tapped out a beat.

And then the jar was hopping on

the rug beside my feet.

I grabbed the jar.

It wouldn’t stop

its strange and bouncing dance,

until I pulled

each coin I had

from pockets in my pants.

And now the jar sits still as stone.

It has all of my money,

but if I get a quarter more,

it will start acting funny.

So be well warned, these money jars

are not to be kept lightly.

Save all your cash within their glass

and do this action nightly.

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