FOOD FOR THOUGHT by Phoebe Leggett

FOOD FOR THOUGHT by Phoebe Leggett

Food gained by fraud tastes sweet,  but one ends up with a mouth full of gravel.

Proverbs 20:17

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. How many have heard this cliche? Well, it’s true.

Beginning the new year can come with many challenges. One challenge may be what to eat that will keep us healthy but is fun to devour.

Fruits and vegetables should be at the top of your list of good things to eat.

It’s best to learn how to read labels on food. What to watch for are ingredients such as fructose – or its relative, high-fructose corn syrup. Other food fillers that aren’t natural for human consumption may have funny-sounding names. If you don’t understand what it is, chances are you don’t need to eat it.

After drinking a fructose beverage, the brain doesn’t register the feeling of being full as it does when simple glucose is consumed, researchers have found. Fructose or high-fructose corn syrup are often added to processed foods and beverages, and consumption has risen dramatically since the 1970s, along with obesity. A third of US children and teens, plus more than two-thirds of adults, are overweight, or obese.

All sugars are not equal. Most consume more than needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Use caution, and live longer.

Phoebe Leggett, Author, Poet, and Freelance writer.

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