Five Fun Butterfly Facts


Five Fun Facts About Butterflies

By Michelle Higdon

A butterfly can do what?

Fact Number 1:  Did you know that butterflies can see only three colors?  A butterfly sees in red,  yellow, and green and that’s it.

Fact Number 2:  Butterflies speed along at only twelve miles an hour, which isn’t very fast. Have you ever tried to go 12 miles an hour in your car?  You’d be crawling!

Fact Number 3:  Butterflies do not have eyelids.  So, when they want to go to sleep, they just get really still and rest with their eyes WIDE OPEN. They can’t close their eyes like you can.

Fact Number 4:  You taste food with your mouth but butterflies taste food with their feet. They can stand on a leaf and know if it tastes good or not.

Fact Number 5:  Do you like to play in the rain?  Butterflies don’t — they like to fly in the sun.  When it rains, butterflies hide under leaves and curl up their wings so they don’t get wet.

Michelle Higdon is a junior at North Greenville University and is a history education major.  She is on the staff of  the school’s literary magazine, The Mountain Laurel.  Her fiction short story, The Wall, will appear in the 2011   Mountain Laurel. Michelle is also under contract for a short nonfiction biography that will appear in a compilation work entitled Dictionary of Literary Biography:  War Correspondents of the Second World War.

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