Daniel in the Lions’ Den

Daniel in the Lions’ Den

Have you ever been afraid? Maybe you heard a noise in the middle of the night or perhaps you broke something and you’re scared to tell your parents. Well, there was a man called Daniel and he was afraid, too. He was afraid because the king threw him into a place called a lions’ den. It was full of hungry lions.

Would you be afraid if that happened to you? I know I would be and I think Daniel was, too.

But when Daniel prayed, an angel kept the lions from hurting him. Isn’t that wonderful? So the next time you’re afraid, be sure to pray for the Lord to help you. He will, because he loves you.

Click on the image below to print out the puzzle, then find all the words in the puzzle below and use the letter left behind to solve the secret message. If you want to know more about Daniel’s story. Turn in your Bible to Daniel 6. Ask your parents if you need help finding it.


And be sure to come back next week for the answer to the secret message.

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