Dance! Dance! Dance!

By Peggy Billiard

Dance for fun! Dance for exercise! Dance for expression!

You can dance without a partner. Explore different kinds of dance and find one you like.

Where to start? Look at the list and talk to your parent.

  • Watch old musical movies with Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers. Your grandparent might want to watch with you.
  • Check to see if there is a dance studio nearby.
  • Find some books about dance or famous dancers in the library.
  • Talk to other kids who take dance lessons.

Types of dance:

Each kind of dance requires special shoes.

Jazz is an expressive dance. You learn to hear the rhythms in the music and move to them. You develop good coordination and learn basic steps.  Listen to some jazz music and get moving.

Tap dancing shoes are fitted with metal taps on the heels and toes of the shoes. You make sounds with your feet when you hit the floor to the beat of the music. Your arm positions and head movements add to your footwork. Combinations of tap steps ring to the rhythm of the music. Check out these children tap dancing:

Breakdancing shoes are tough and sturdy with hot, colored shoe laces. Moving like a robot, a breakdancer pops the body and breaks in spins and glides. Taking classes in a studio will help you learn these dangerous moves. Watch.

Ballet shoes are soft and lace around your ankle. After much practice with an instructor, you can dance on your toes. You will use your body to express classical music. Benefits of ballet dancing.

Start by having fun. Listen to some cool music and get moving! Create your own dance.

Watch this.

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