Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Cuyahoga Valley National Park, established in 2000, is one of our newest national parks. Just a short drive from Akron or Cleveland in Ohio, 2,500,000 people visit the park each year.

The winding Cuyahoga River is a U-shaped river. (Cuyahoga means “crooked” in the Iroquois language.) The unique part about this river is that, for twenty-two miles, it flows both north and south. The river winds past farmland, forests, and rolling hills.

One of the most popular tourist attractions at the park is the Ohio & Erie Canal that runs through it. Built in the early 1800s by German and Irish immigrants, twenty miles of the canal are within the park. Hike or bike along the Towpath Trail where mules used to pull the canal boats over a century ago. Parts of the trail are open for horseback riders.

Ride the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad for another wonderful way to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Fish in the Cuyahoga River, the lakes, and the ponds inside the park.

There are many hikes to enjoy. For hikes to waterfalls, take the Brandywine Falls Trail or the Blue Hen Falls Trail. Families love to ride the railroad, bike the Ohio & Erie Towpath, and hike to Ice Box Cave.

Families may camp at the park. There is also a bed and breakfast for those who prefer to sleep indoors.

Some of the wildlife living in Cuyahoga Valley are beavers, bald eagles, yellow warbler, raccoons, belted kingfisher, great blue heron, and the red-winged blackbird.

-Sandra Merville Hart


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